The Board of Directors of the Office of Congressional Workplace Rights (formerly Office of Compliance) presents the Safety Recognition Awards to promote safety and accessibility awareness in the legislative branch. The awards are given in partnership with the National Safety Council (NSC), a nonprofit organization with the mission of eliminating preventable deaths at work, in homes, and in communities.

On July 22, 2019, Safety Recognition Awards were presented to Members of Congress whose offices met the safety criteria developed by the the OCWR in cooperation with the NSC during the 115th biennial Congressional inspections. The Safety Advocate Awards were presented to two legislative branch safety professionals from employing offices who not only partnered with the Office during biennial inspections, but who also exhibited exceptional support of safety processes and hazard-reduction efforts.


In 2019, we honored Sharon Cregger, Safety, Occupational Health, and Environmental Manager for the Library of Congress Packard Campus, and David Hicks, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist for the Architect of the Capitol.














In 2017, we honored Kurt Kuhn, Safety Manager for the Library of Congress, and presented a posthumous award for the service of Francis “Mo” Mowbray, Architect of the Capitol Safety Manager for the Library of Congress Buildings and Grounds.

Inspections are underway for the 116th Congress. Safety Awards for the 116th Congress will be held in 2021.