Brown Bag Lunch: Retaliation for Protected Activity
The anti-reprisal provision of the Congressional Accountability Act (CAA), Section 207, prohibits an employing office from retaliating against any covered employee for opposing any practice made lawful by the CAA, or participating in any kind of proceeding under the CAA. The linked materials are a comprehensive look at the necessary elements of a retaliation claim and how these claims have been...
Brown Bag Lunch: ADA Reasonable Accommodation and Modification
Brown Bag Lunch: New FMLA Regulations
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Overtime Rule Stumps Congress on Hill Staffers' Pay
Overtime Rule Stumps Congress on Hill Staffers' Pay
Preventing Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Legislative Branch
Tis the Season: A Guide to a Safe and Cheerful Office Holiday Party
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